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Loaf n’ Jug super store comes to Pueblo West

The second Loaf N’ Jug super store in Colorado will be constructed in Pueblo West, on Purcell Boulevard.

Plans can move forward after Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors approved sale of a parcel of land to Loaf N’ Jug, a subsidiary of Kroger.

The property, approximately 0.57 acres, is just north of the current Loaf N’ Jug property on Purcell Boulevard.

The property is currently used for some parking and there is an easement across it that allows additional access in and out of the Loaf N’ Jug property.

With the acquisition of the additional land, a new “super store” will be built in the place of the current building.

“It will include green groceries and other amenities when you want to stop and shop quickly in your neighborhood,” said Professional Engineer Laurie Clark, of Clark Engineering in Pueblo, representing the Loaf N’ Jug location, headed locally by Art Stawski, a long-time Pueblo County resident.

“This was going to be the first big super store for Loaf N’ Jug in Colorado, but while we were delayed with some issues with CDOT [Colorado Department of Transportation], one was built in Fountain.”

Clark noted the expansion of the current facility will be a “great boom for the community,” as it includes not only new jobs with construction, but at least seven more full-time jobs when the expansion is finished.

The store will include Kroger-brand groceries, deli items and other things shoppers might want, without having to stop at a larger supermarket to get them.

There will also be new gas tanks and gas lines constructed for the station.

“It’ll look like it’s all brand new,” she said.

Board members discussed briefly the sale of the property, which has been in the works for many months.

There were delays after discrepancies were found concerning the existing right of way in mapping within the county, so those had to be corrected.

Expansion work for the new Loaf N’ Jug will hopefully begin in September, Clark said.

Board members voted 3-1 in favor of selling the piece of property to Loaf N’ Jug.

Pueblo West Metropolitan District member Jerry Martin was absent.

Board member Lew Quigley voted against the decision, noting during discussion that he felt the property should have been advertised as for sale in case anyone else was interested in it.

He also said he believed the district should have the property appraised to make sure it was being sold for the proper amount.

“If I remember during previous meetings, we had discussions and agreed this was a strange little piece of land and didn’t feel it was marketable,” said Pueblo West Metropolitan District Chair Christine McCarthy.

“The other point we made, I recall, is that essentially all our land is for sale and we take inquiries on it,” said Pueblo West Metropolitan District Manager Jack Johnston.

“We don’t have ‘for sale’ signs out there, but it’s on the open market.”

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