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Lil Pet Stuff can get what you need

No matter what you want or need for your pet, Lil Pet Stuff in Pueblo West can help you out.

If it’s not in the store, owner Penny Dominguez can get it in just a few short days.

“That’s our slogan, is that if we don’t have it, we can get it. Order it in,” she said.

“Animals are usually overnight, and other things are here within a week.”

So no matter if you’re looking for a particular wheel for your hamster, a special dog food, an exotic pet, aquarium decorations and more, Lil Pet Stuff can help you out.

Lil Pet Stuff has been open nearly a year, but recently moved from the east side of Pueblo to Pueblo West about six weeks ago.

The family also owns Lil Kid’s Stuff consignment shop, and after some medical issues caused a scale-down, Dominguez said moving the pet store made sense.

“We live in Pueblo West, and so now my kids can walk (from home),” she said.

The store is located across from the Pueblo West Library.

Originally, the idea came because one of Dominguez’s daughters is going to school for zoology and “we had a great deal to open up,” so she said she imagined they would start small, with a few products.

“But all my kids are total animal freaks and then the thing is, I just love being here. I love the animals!” she said.

Lil Pet Stuff has supplies for most household and exotic animals, including both saltwater and freshwater fish. They also carry small animals, excluding cats and dogs.

There are reptiles, rodents, fish and more.

“Right now, we’re getting an idea of what kinds of things people want out here in Pueblo West, where the clientele is different than we had before,” Dominguez said.

“So we’re getting it in a bit at a time, depending on what’s being requested.”

Because Lil Pet Stuff works with wholesale dealers, so Dominguez said she has competitive prices on just about everything and can generally beat online prices, as well as get items in quickly.

Lil Pet Stuff also does layaway for products or general animals – for example, someone can put a bearded dragon on layaway, but can’t specify a particular dragon.

Once the animal has been paid for, then the particular one is chosen and goes home.

She also takes consignments on cages and other large products, but not animals.

However, people who need to surrender an animal can also come to Lil Pet Stuff.

“If somebody says they don’t know what to do with their snake or can’t feed their guinea pig anymore, I tend to take those in because I don’t want them to be dumped,” Dominguez said.

She said Pueblo West has been a very welcoming community so far, and noted she’s even received useful donations already like newspaper, partial bags of pet food and more.

Lil Pet Stuff is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. The store is at 206 S. McCulloch Blvd., and can be reached at 289-7634.

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