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New vet clinic moves into PW

Cassandra Krenz has seen all kinds of critters in her career.

The veterinarian has worked with large animals like cows and horses, as well as birds, small animals and of course house pets like cats and dogs.

Now she’s started her own practice, Pueblo West Vet Clinic.

Being a veterinarian is a “life-long” calling for Krenz, and she’s excited to be doing it on her own now.

“I was a kid who liked animals,” she said.

“My sister is an MD, and I watched her go through med school and knew I didn’t want to do that, so being a vet just fit. Ever since I was probably in grade school!”

Krenz graduated from Iowa State University and spent a year doing emergency veterinary work.

Then, she worked in a rural practice for about five years, where there were lots of large animals.

“I decided I’d like to get a little more metropolitan, and my sister had been in Pueblo 20 years, so we decided to move here,” Krenz said.

She worked for Markway’s Animal Medical Center in Pueblo West until December when she decided it was time to either buy out a practice or start up her own. She found the space for rent and started putting down her roots.

“I’ve done a whole lot of things,” Krenz said.

“Emergency is very different, and rural mixed animal practice is different. Here, we see mostly dogs and cats so far and I’m open to seeing some of the pocket pets and the avian.”

Krenz said she’s honest with clients if a pet is out of her comfort zone and will help to find an appropriate veterinarian for that animal.

Because she’s been in Pueblo West nearly six years, she had many families that already knew her, so Pueblo West seemed like a logical place to start her practice.

Plus, her family is established in the community as well, so it is home.

Krenz said veterinary medicine is just what she was cut out to do, and she loves that it keeps her busy all day long.

“It’s one of those things where I could be doing something different everyday,” she said.

“The variety is nice. It’s also a lot of intrigue, because they can’t talk, so every animal is potentially a puzzle!”

Pueblo West Vet Clinic is a full service animal hospital and can take urgent issues, as well.

Krenz said she is still stem cell certified (something she trained and certified for while at Markway’s), so she can offer those types of services. Additionally, she’d like to eventually looking into a veterinary chiropractic license as well.

“That’s just another way to deal with chronic pain in animals, not a pharmaceutical way,” she said.

Pueblo West Vet Clinic is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and on Wednesdays from noon until 8 p.m., giving an option for people who need a later appointment time. Currently the clinic is open every other Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon.

The clinic is located in the Safeway shopping center, at 1021 N. Market Plaza, Suite 111. Pueblo West Vet Clinic can be reached at 547-3565 or online at

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