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Propio vino: A wine making experience

Looking for something new to do this weekend?

Now is the perfect time to cross wine making off your bucket list.

Proprio Vino Winery in Pueblo West will give you a little taste of the wine making business and you won’t have to hop on a plane to Italy to enjoy the experience.

Proprio Vino Winery is a family owned business owned and ran by Dustin and Jessica Dague out of their garage.

While both Jessica and Dustin have full-time jobs other than the winery,

Jessica is a dental hygienist while Dustin just opened his own concrete business called Unique Concrete, they hope to someday make the Winery their full-time job, along with Unique Concrete.

“My family has been making wine in the mountains of Colorado for nearly half a century and several centuries in the valleys of the Calabria region of Italy,” Jessica Dague.

“Our friends and family were always wanting our wine so we ended up giving a lot of it away, so one day we decided we would open up our house to people who wanted to come in and make wine with us.

“This is our second year with Proprio Vino Winery and each year we have more fun doing it.”

The process of making the perfect bottle of wine begins with the perfect selection of grapes.

“We get our grapes from California and we crush the grapes in September.

“When we crush, we will have wine to sample from last year’s wine collection and Jessica will cook a big Italian meal,” Dustin Dauge said.

Dustin said that when the crushing is over, it will still take another several months in order to get your finished product.

“We have most of our equipment in Salida so we will haul the crushed grapes up there and continue the process, which include pressing the grapes and then watching them turn into custom made wine, then in April we will start the bottling process.”

Although most people want to buy wine from Proprio Vino Winery, they are unable to sell their wine.

“We cannot sell our wine because we do not have a liquor license but each individual can make up to 100 gallons of wine without having a license.

“Each individual that wants to make their own wine needs to be present for the process.

“We rent out the equipment to make the wine and make them buy their own crate of grapes.

“We are hoping to someday soon get our liquor license but until then we enjoy what we are doing.

“We are teaching a class on wine making and each new experience is always fun.”

Proprio Vino provides all the de-stemming and crushing machinery, fermentation tubs, kegs, snacks and clean-up.

In addition, they also make customized labels for your finished product.

They will store your wine all season and keep a watchful eye to make sure that yours is the finest in your wine rack and then when the time finally arrives for you to bottle your custom wine, Proprio Vino will help you bottle and cork your very own vintage!

“We have six different types of red wine and two different types of white.

“We are always experimenting and trying new stuff all the time and our customers can also customize their wine any way they want and we do personalized labels too, which is always fun,” Jessica said.

Wine, whether you look at it as science or as an art, everyone enjoys a different aspect of it.

“It is a family tradition and are kids are always helping us squeeze the grapes. Although it involves alcohol, we still urge customers to bring their children along if they’d like. It is a great character building skill and it teaches kids the ethic of hard work and we hope that in the future our kids will take over Proprio Vino Winery.”

For more information on Proprio Vino Winery, click on their their Facebook Page, Proprio Vino Wine Making Center, email them at, or call at 207-1403.

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