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Tech Tip: Tighten security before using new Square app

A few weeks ago, Square, the mobile payment company, launched an Android and iOS app called Square Cash.

The new app accompanied the new service, which aims to help users send money using nothing more than email.

That’s right. By using Square Cash, you can send money (deducted from your debit card) to anyone with an email address and a debit card.

All that’s required is for you to download the Square Cash app, enter a dollar amount, a name and press “send.”

But signing up for a service like that requires security.

Not only security on Square’s side of the service, but security on your side. You need to have a tough password, and routinely change it.

You also need to use two-step authentication if it’s available from your email provider.

Should you not take your email account security seriously, wrongdoers would have access to your debit card without knowing a single digit or your PIN number.

Visit for more information or links to the mobile apps.

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