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Letter: Good decisions?

Reply to the guy with the facts...

Here I was, all set to vote for the one percent sales tax increase to fund road/street repairs in Pueblo West, and along comes Jerry Martin, Pueblo West Metropolitan District board member stating nothing but the facts.

The esteemed Jerry Martin was a little sly about some facts about the history of the Metro Board making good prudent decisions when it comes to spending taxpayer money.

Mr. Martin must have conveniently forgot about the $250,000.00 that he and the Metro Board wasted on their proposal to build a “Soaring Eagles Baseball complex.”

A quarter of a million dollars may be just chunk change for Mr. Martin, but to the Pueblo West community, it would have repaired and sealed approximately 10 miles of street/roads.

Mr. Martin also neglected to mention the Desert Hawk Golf Course that continues to burden Pueblo West taxpayers year after year.

But, the esteemed Jerry Martin was not very sly when it came to demonizing Mr. Clemens who is the main/only source of information coming out of the Metro Board.

Mr. Martin stated that Mr. Clemens stated “misleading or incomplete information” in an effort to deceive the citizens of Pueblo West, but I wonder who is deceiving who and who is the most credible in reporting all of the facts to the good citizens of Pueblo West.

Yes, Pueblo West needs street/road repairs, but how can we, the voters, put any trust in Jerry Martin and the Metro Board who does not have a track record of prudent spending of taxpayer money.

L. Bayer

Pueblo West

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