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New wing opens at Liberty Point

There’s that “new car smell” in the hallways at Liberty Point International School, and students, teachers and staff alike are soaking it up.

Just last week the new wing of the school was officially opened up for occupancy and everyone began moving in.

There are smiles all around.

The new addition, made possible by the 2012 bond issue election question, means LPI is free of modular buildings now.

There are four classrooms – two Spanish rooms, one for social studies and another for reading.

There is also a state-of-the art science lab, and a space especially created for the secondary-level autism students.

LPI received it’s Certificate of Occupancy during spring break, so Principal Brian Dilka got his teachers prepared and they started to make the move, with students helping to move belongings from the modular buildings into the new classrooms.

“I’m very excited to move in,” said Andrea King, a Spanish teacher.

“The best part is being around the other teachers. Before, I was way out in the modular, and we never saw anybody else, so I feel more part of the team now.”

Students are equally excited about the new classrooms, eagerly helping to put things away, decorate and just enjoy the newness.

Outside, adjacent to the new wing, is the newly “remodeled” parent drop-off loop.

Now parents can drop their students without driving completely around the whole parking lot.

Instead, the loop area is shorter and drops students at doors on the new part of the building. Large hallways inside mean if there is inclement weather, they can come indoors before classes begin without being in the way of teachers who are preparing for the day.

“One of the greatest things is, with this now finished, our building is completely secure,” said Dilka.

“We got this front office remodel (with secure doors), but we always had to have the exterior doors to the modular buildings open for students to go back and forth. Now, once you’re in the building, you are totally secure and that’s the best part.”

Arc Valley Construction of Pueblo did the work at LPI, and Dilka said he was proud to have almost everything done locally, knowing it had a positive impact on the community.

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