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Letter: Not all residents are ignorant

I take you to task [please note the tongue in cheek here] for relegating subject to Page A6 of the Pueblo West View (“Spendthrift politicians,” The Pueblo West View, July 4, 2013)

Oh, my, god!

Then I see, the Loaf ‘N Jug is going to build a huge super store and the Pueblo West Inn is in negotiations with the Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors.

Oh, my, god!

All without prior approval of Mr. Clemens and his minions (Men Of God On Fire) on the board.

I bet he’s a hoot to be a neighbor of and to live with!

His weekly diatribe about goings on in the community are an affront to residents.

It would seem that everyone else is totally ignorant of these goings on and cannot or will not make an intelligent decision about their future.

I’m reminded of an old dog that can no longer run with the younger, big dogs.

He just lays on the porch, licking himself, and, barking at everything that comes by.

Harold R. Paul, Pueblo West

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