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Letter: Know before you vote

How many of the Pueblo County Board of County Commissioners have ever been anywhere where they have roundabouts?

I would challenge the commissioners to show the taxpayers the dollar savings.

Rather than traffic lights, roundabouts, depending on the traffic counts, are either good or really bad.

I have been to Australia where they have numerous roundabouts, and heavy traffic is a pain.

You wait longer than waiting for a regular light to get on the drive.

Very light traffic, they work reasonably well.

Heavy traffic, it’s who has the guts enough to pull out in front of the traffic to get on.

I think the county commissioners should really compare and be more knowledgeable of the situation.

I’ll be Buffy McFadyen has never seen one in person.

Before you vote, you need more knowledge on what you are voting for.

Dahl Morgan, Pueblo West

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