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Fire upgrades with Toughpad tablets

Pueblo West firefighters will soon have an easier time in the field documenting patient care, through the use of two rugged-style tablets. Purchase of the tablets is made possible by a grant from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment – EMTS (emergency medical and trauma services).

The grant required a 50-percent match, which the Pueblo West Firefighters Association agreed to fund, so the department will get the new tablets with no cost to the Pueblo West Metropolitan District or from the Fire Department’s budget.

“We are thrilled,” said Pueblo West Fire Chief Brian Caserta.

“They will be a great addition for us. Right now the guys are using something that is like a small laptop and it’s cumbersome. These will be easier to use than a regular laptop.”

The tablets are Panasonic Toughpad tablets.

They are rugged and built for use in the field, so they have a durable case and screen, more so than a standard tablet for personal use.

The tablets also have docking stations for use back at the station, and an attachable keyboard to enter in additional data if needed.

“These will allow for electronic patient care documentation,” Caserta said.

“We’ll use them for data collection as well as patient treatment tracking, like what medication was given to a patient, their complaints, that kind of thing.”

The department will purchase two tablets, one for each of the medical units.

Total cost was nearly $9,000, so the grant covers $4,192 and the Pueblo West FFA will provide the matching $4,192.

“I definitely want to thank them for the 50/50 match,” Caserta said.

“Our staff actually brought it to the association and they said they’d like to do this if we got the grant, instead of having to ask for it to come out of our budget.”

The Pueblo West Firefighters Association hosts a pancake breakfast on the third Sunday of each month, and money raised from that, as well as through other donations, used to fund projects like this grant match.

Caserta said the EMTS grant covers any kind of medical-related grant request, including these tablets, which will be used in medical care.

Departments can reapply each year for new requests.

Paperwork has been started to get the tablets ordered, Caserta said, and hopefully they will be received and in use within a couple of months.

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