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Letter: Respectable opinions

In response to “Not all residents are ignorant,” The Pueblo West View, July 11, 2013.

Our founders selected the republic form of government because they understood that in a true democracy the general populace would not have time to educate themselves on every piece of legislation that was presented for vote.

The typical citizen does not have time to become educated on the detailed arguments for and against every given topic before our governing bodies.

The information available from the media outlets on these topics is generally superficial and often times one-sided.

Our elected officials are hired to represent our interests.

When someone believes those elected are not good stewards of the trust given them it is not only a right, but a civic duty to communicate it.

I embrace the public debate of ideas and opinions, but too many letters are dedicated to name calling, presumption and ridicule while offering little in the way of substantiated argument.

I encourage future letters that offer respectable opinions on all sides of an issue.

Zane Madtes, Pueblo West

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