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Golf team season expands schedule

Pueblo West High School’s golf team is just beginning its busiest season yet.

The team’s typical 12-14 tournament schedule has been expanded, head coach Derek Townley said, to 17 regular-season tournaments.

The Cyclones’ campaign will be led by senior Glenn Workman, who finished 3rd at the state tournament last season.

Workman believes the busier schedule will help him and the team maintain consistency throughout the season.

“I think we’ll do a lot better,” he said. “You start to get in a groove.”

Workman who won the Colorado Junior Golf Association Junior Series Championship at the Country Club of Colorado Springs on Aug. 6 isn’t letting high expectations for his play rattle him.

“I don’t have whole lot of pressure on me,” he said. “I certainly look forward to being able to lead the team, and go out and improve from the day we start to the day we finish.”

Despite expectations for Workman’s success, Townley said that golfers lower on the depth chart will be key this season.

“We need our three and four players to be able to consistently put up low 80s,” Townley said. “If that happens, we’ll be really good.”

Currently, sophomore Ryan Boitz occupies the second roster spot, followed by seniors Jim Rhodes and Jeff Runyan.

Boitz believes that improving his mental game will be vital this season.

“Just staying focused,” he said of areas he wanted to improve. “Just knowing that I can hit the shots and just having the confidence.”

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