The Pueblo West View

Pueblo West Road Report

This past week, the Streets & Roads Department worked on the following projects:

• Crews continued repair of gravel roads removing washboards, potholes and other irregularities from storm damage on Desert Cove Drive, Bella Vista Drive, Jaroso Drive, Limon Drive, Limon Court, Austin Court, Keymar Drive, Bat Masterson Lane, Chaparral Drive, O’Brien Lane, Lost Hills Lane, Wyatt Earp Lane, Buckboard Avenue, Chelsea Drive, Greenway Avenue, Limestone Lane, Chelsea Drive, Glenbrook Drive, Emery Drive, Blazing Star Lane, Blue Lake Lane, Happy Jack Drive, Alta Vista Drive, Indian Bend Drive, Blue Hills Drive, and E Laramie Avenue. Motorists should exercise extreme caution when driving in the area of a grading operation. patient, stay behind the grader and do not cross over the dirt windrow that may be present. The grader operator will move out of the way when it is safe to do so.

• Crews hauled road material to storm damaged roads.

• Crews cleaned out culverts from storm damage in the district.

• Crews did mowing operations in the area of Avenida Del Oro, Bella Casa Drive, Yerba Buena Drive, Silverado Drive, Montbello Drive, Caliente Drive, Camino Pablo Drive, Camino Santiago Drive, Galinas Drive, Mescalero Drive, McCulloch Blvd, Nichols Drive, Esperante Drive, Glen Vista Drive, Cayuga Drive, Camino De Bravo Drive, Bayonne Drive, Kenosha Drive, Mescal Drive, Cienaga Drive, Espanola Drive, Capistrano Drive, Flamenco Drive, El Nido Drive, Honeysuckle Drive, Sweetwater Drive, Bellflower Drive, Song Sparrow Drive, Watermelon Drive, Baldwyn Drive, Palmer Lake Avenue, Birdie Drive, Pin High Drive, Archer Drive, Tijuana Drive, Rudioso Drive, Vallejo Drive, Hook Drive, Slice Drive, Quantico Drive, Plaza De Leones, Indian Bend Drive, Rosa Linda Drive, Caida Del Sol Drive, Alta Hacienda Drive, Oro Grande Drive, Oraibi Drive, Los Palmas Drive, Los Charros Drive, Guatamote Drive, Camino Pablo Lane, Tierra Buena Drive, Platteville Blvd, and Gantts Fort Avenue.

• Sweeper operations extracting water from storm clean up on Burke Drive at Middlecoff Drive, Hahns Peak Avenue at Maher Drive, Maher Court at Maher Drive, Burro Drive at Maher Drive, Trevino Drive at Venturi Drive, Hahns Peak Avenue at Maher Drive, and Burro Drive at Maher Drive, intersections at Purcell Blvd at Maher Drive and Joe Martinez Blvd, Civic Center Drive at Joe Martinez Blvd, Hahns Peak Avenue at Angus Drive, Del Norte Drive, Gilia Drive, and Bayfield Avenue, Spaulding Avenue at Stardust Drive, Bayfield Drive, Dunlap Drive, Glenrose Drive, Golfview Drive, and Watermelon Drive, Archdale Drive at pan drainage and Rugby Drive, Woodleaf Drive at Purcell Blvd, Bayfield Avenue at Maher Drive, N Purcell Avenue at Ivanhoe Drive, Ranch Drive, Sapinero Drive, Desert Cove Drive, Jaroso Drive, Buckboard Avenue, Challenger Drive, Canary Drive, Dove Creek Drive, Purcell Lane, Kirkwood Drive, and Platteville Blvd. , and Sequoya Drive, Platteville Blvd at States Avenue, Limon Drive, Dowd Drive, Iliff Drive, Raymont Drive, Durango Drive, Gantts Fort Drive, Fredonia Drive, Platteville Blvd at Ramah Drive, Gantts Fort Avenue, N Purcell Blvd, Jesse James Avenue, Cashmere Drive, Hastings Drive, Auburn Drive, Partridge Drive, Gantts Fort Avenue at Linda Avenue, Longsdale Drive, Tacony Drive, Jaroso Drive at Purcell Avenue, Industrial Blvd at McCulloch Blvd, Research Drive, Fabrication Drive, Precision Drive, Magneto Drive, Dynamics Drive, Silicon Drive, Laser Drive, Mission Drive, Blythe Drive, Idaho Springs Avenue at McCulloch Blvd, Palmer Lake Drive at McCulloch Blvd, Baldwyn Drive at McCulloch Blvd, Owl Drive at McCulloch Blvd, Songs Sparrow Drive, Spaulding Avenue at McCulloch Blvd, Morning Glory Drive at McCulloch Blvd, Honeysuckle Drive at McCulloch Blvd, Sweetwater Drive at McCulloch Blvd, McCulloch Blvd at Quantico Drive, Camino De Bravo Drive, Camino Pablo Drive, Capistrano Drive, Avenida Del Oro, Meredith Drive, Carrizo Springs Avenue, Tejon Drive, Camino De Los Rancho Drive, Alta Vista Drive, Massalino Drive, Hacienda Del Sol Drive, Calle Allegre Drive, McCulloch Plaza, Rolling Prairie Drive, Fosdick Drive, Harmony Drive, Acorn Drive, Civic Center Drive, Avenida Del Oro at Plaza De Los Leones Drive, Camino Pablo, Bella Casa Drive, Osceola Drive, and Carrizo Springs Avenue, Joe Martinez Blvd at Civic Center Drive, Hahns Peak Avenue, Idaho Springs Drive, Palmer Lake Drive, John Powell Blvd, Dante Drive, Joe Martinez Plaza, Byrd Drive, Walton Drive, Purcell Blvd, Bayfield Avenue, Linden Avenue at Dante Drive, Linden Plaza, Alexis Drive, Greenway Avenue, Papago Drive, Scarsboro Drive, May Valley Drive, Shadyview Drive, and Sweetwater Avenue.

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The Pueblo West View