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Spartans kick off fall pre-season

Swallow Charter Academy, also known as Southern Colorado Early College, is ready to kick of the fall season of sports with an attack and a hole in one.

Varsity sports, boy’s golf and girl’s volleyball already are hitting the gym hard in hopes of making this year their best year yet.

Lady Spartans varsity volleyball

Kelly Grisham, the varsity coach for girl’s volleyball is ready to challenge her players.

“This is my first year coaching at Swallows and right now we only have me for a coach,” Grisham said.

“My first intention as the new coach is to rebuild this team and work on putting together a successful program for the players.

“I am going to challenge them, both on and off the court,” she added.

“I am going to challenge them to be a successful student athlete and put all their effort into both their schoolwork as well as their sport.”

The varsity volleyball team consists of a wide mix of players, from freshman to seniors, to girls who have only played gym volleyball to girls who have played and been successful at club volleyball.

“We have a huge spectrum of talent on our team and I am thrilled to see what we can tap into.

“As a coach, it is very interesting and also rewarding to see skills develop in girls who have never really played the sport before,” she said.

“We will begin working a lot of them on the basics and by time they are juniors and seniors they will have a great foundation.”

“I want the girls to enjoy the sport and have fun but also be competitive. I played middle school, high school, college and I still play recreational volleyball and I still absolutely love the game. I want to reflect the love of the game onto my team,” Grisham added.

The Lady Spartans will kick off their season on Aug. 30, with their first match of the year.

Spartans boy’s golf

Last year Swallow Charter Academy improved their season as a team by 26 strokes from the first tournament they competed in to the last tournament of the year.

This year, head coach Justin Novosal has high hopes that they will challenge that number.

“This is my second year coaching for Swallow Charter Academy. We have added two new players to the roster taking us to a total of 6 varsity golfers this year. It will definitely help make the team more competitive and it will help us earn our spot,” Novosal said.

“Our goals this year is to improve on our results,” Novosal said.

“Last year was our first year at regionals and we are going again this year.”

Novosal added that he hopes to have one or more of his players qualify for state this season. ‘

He has quite the mix of players, as does the volleyball team, but he is excited to see what they can get done.

“We have some players who have never played golf a day in their life and then we have other players who will finish their last season of golf this year. I am very anxious to see what this season brings. We have been practicing and my team has been working very hard,” he added.

“We are ready for the season to begin.”

Spartan Boy’s Golf will kick off this Friday with their first tournament of the year in Las Animas.

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