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Letter: Magazines and people

Colorado 2013 gun-related legislation limited the capacity of ammunition magazines that can be sold, transferred or possessed in Colorado to 15 rounds.

Higher capacity magazines (30-50, etc.) already possessed were grandfathered.

Some are alarmed, fueling a recall effort.

In great contrast others find the new law functional, safe and supportable.

Colorado large game hunters with semi-automatic rifles already hunted with a maximum of six rounds in the magazine and chamber to kill a moose, bear or elk.

When hunting small game like prairie dogs and rabbits and target shooting, legally sized magazines are still OK.

In home and self defense, the law abiding citizen’s use of 15 rounds or more is rare.

And practically speaking, in all cases, one may reload.

Grimly, but most importantly, smaller magazines will decrease the carnage in mass murders conducted by distressed and pressured if not inexperienced shooters.

Large weaponry advocates might direct their efforts toward distressed young men, the demographic that has used high capacity magazines in acts of mass murder. Help these men deal with their problems without violence.

This would be constructive as will a “No” vote on the recall.

Steve Parke, Pueblo West

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