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70 Online offers learning options for all students

Alternative school includes principal, counselor and teachers

Pueblo School District 70 students have another option for schooling if they’re looking for an alternative.

70 Online is the district’s newest school that offers online options for students in grades kindergarten through 12.

Enrollment has steadily increased in 70 Online, with about 80 students at the school this year. The school has two brick and mortar campus sites where students go each week for teacher interaction and testing, and one of those sites is in Pueblo West, on the campus of Desert Sage Elementary School.

“70 Online provides opportunities for students who don’t fit the traditional brick and mortar situation, or aren’t successful there,” said Principal Beverly Maestas.

“Maybe they live in outlying areas. Maybe they are students who can’t attend a school every day because they have health issues or children of their own.

“The curriculum offered through 70 Online is equivalent to what they would receive at any other District 70 school, but the majority of the work is done online.”

What makes 70 Online unique from many other online schools is it has its own staff including a principal, counselor and five teachers who are all District 70 employees.

“We have our own teachers and staff that are here to support and guide the students,” Maestas said.

There is an ESS teacher, an elementary teacher, and for the middle and high school grades a math teacher, a science teacher and a social studies/English teacher.

Maestas said while a lot of the work is independent, there is still lots of interaction with teachers.

Students are scheduled for two sessions at the physical locations each week.

There are morning or afternoon sessions, each three and a half hours long.

“The students come in to our Pueblo West or Mesa location twice a week and receive direct instruction and support as needed,” Maestas said.

“They’re always welcome to come to any session for additional support.”

Students also go to the school locations to take exams.

The elementary school students use the K-12 Curriculum, while middle and high school students use Aventa.

Previously, all 70 Online students were taught by Aventa instructors, and this school year marks the beginning of employing School District 70 teachers for instruction delivery.

The entire 70 Online staff were already employed by District 70.

Maestas was principal at Vineland and said she’s excited to be in on the ground floor of 70 Online.

“I think the opportunities are limitless in this program,” she said.

“It’s great for students and I’m excited to be part of this new venture.”

Maestas said she makes a point to stop into the classrooms often and interact with the students, so they get the same Principal/student interaction that children do at traditional schools.

To learn more about 70 Online, contact the office at 562-0468.

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