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Letter: We will prevail

The Pueblo pro-recall grassroots effort does not have the resources of the mighty Democrat (leftist) party, but it has caused the party to stutter-step in Colorado as evidenced by their actions of late.

Case in point is Senator Angela Giron, having failed in her attempts to use the courts to evade a recall election, is now seeking support from outside District 3.

In a July email to her campaign supporters, she posted this: “Stories about the recall attempt are showing up in national media ..… People from throughout the state, and even throughout the country, are planning to travel to Pueblo to help us out. Let me know if you have space (in your home) to host out-of-town volunteers! signed, Angela.”

What have we witnessed from the “out-of-towners” thus far: Lots of money for lots of less-than-truthful radio and TV ads; intimidating out-of-state phone calls to pro-recall voters; door-to-door intimidation campaign to get signers of the recall petition to recant.

What else might be in their “good works” plan: Replace probable loss of mail-in-ballot voter turnout with a massive voter registration drive especially on Sept. 5-6 and Sept. 9-10; provide busing of supporters including new, on-the-spot voters to the polling centers; and, of course, voter intimidation is always on the table.

The grassroots effort does possess the moral will of people that will not be led by self-serving, power hungry representatives and we will prevail.

Francisco A. Burciaga, Pueblo

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