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Rivera won’t go beyond saying he’s pro-life

NARAL director touts Giron, faults Rivera on abortion, contraception

George Rivera, the Republican candidate to replace state Sen. Angela Giron, D-Pueblo, shied away from answering questions Thursday about his views on abortion, contraception and whether he’d support a constitutional amendment saying a person’s life begins at conception.

Karen Middleton
Karen Middleton

“I’m pro-life,” Rivera said Thursday. “That’s all I’m going to say. Anything more would muddy up the issues and this recall election is about Senator Giron and her failure to represent her constituents.”

Giron is facing a recall election Sept. 10 that is already underway and Rivera is the only named alternative candidate on the ballot.

Karen Middleton, executive director of the National Abortion Rights Action League Colorado, was in Pueblo on Thursday. She credited Giron for opposing a Republican resolution in 2012 that said Congress should exempt some employers from having to provide contraception in their health insurance policies for employees.

“In a community that has chronically high unintended and teen pregnancy rates, Senator Giron’s support of furthering access to contraception was yet another example of common sense solutions that affect her constituents,” Middleton said in a statement.

She then criticized Rivera for being anti-choice and claimed he would put women’s reproductive rights at risk.

Asked for his response, Rivera wouldn’t go beyond saying he was “pro-life.”

“Those are my personal views and I don’t have an agenda to legislate them,” he said.

Giron also pointed to her support for Planned Parenthood health services for women and wondered where Rivera stood on that.

The state allocates $10 million annually to Planned Parenthood for nonabortion services such as cancer-screenings.

“His silence on theses issues is deafening,” she said.

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