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Smartcard refunds still pending

After applications processed, checks will go out

The Colorado State Fair is reviewing hundreds of applications for money to be refunded from the expo’s new cashless system.

The Fair board adopted the use of smartcards this year. Fairgoers could load money onto cards to purchase food and drinks at the 11-day event.

Fair General Manager Chris Wiseman said Thursday that refund checks should start being sent out Monday.

Originally, officials said local Fairgoers would be able to come to the Fairgrounds to claim refunds for a two-week period, but have since changed to an online application.

“It has to be done online, but people can come to the Fair for help with the application if they want to,” Wiseman said.

“They can come any time.”

People wanting refunds must fill out an application using information they provided when they purchased the smartcards during the Fair.

The application is available on the Fair’s website.

Fairgoers used a phone number, email address or their name when purchasing a smartcard.

“It’s whatever they used as an identification code,” Wiseman said.

Those wanting refunds also must provide the card number on the back of the smartcard.

The application is then submitted to Fair officials for their review and verification before a check is issued.

Wiseman said as of Thursday there were about 2,200 requests.

“It may take us a little while to get through all of them,” Wiseman said.

A major complaint from Fairgoers this year was the fact that they couldn’t refund their cash at the Fair as they were leaving.

Wiseman said that will be fixed next year.

“Next year, it will be an entirely different process. On their way out the gate we will have a process that will allow you to get the refund right there,” Wiseman said.

“That will eliminate all the current application process. We are working through this as quick as we can. We want people to get their refunds back as fast as they can.”

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