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Road Report

This past week, the Streets & Roads Department worked on the following projects:

• Crews continued repair of gravel roads removing washboards, potholes and other irregularities on Cayuga Drive, Gallinas Drive, Chelsea Drive, and Boyero Drive. Motorists should exercise extreme caution when driving in the area of a grading operation. patient, stay behind the grader and do not cross over the dirt windrow that may be present. The grader operator will move out of the way when it is safe to do so.

• Crews removed damaged asphalt and hauled road material for work on Industrial Blvd. New gravel base material was installed and prepped for asphalt patching.

• Crews did mowing operations in the area of Linda Avenue, Sandusky Drive, Bedford Drive, Ashburn Drive, Walden Drive, Dailey Drive, Moonbeam Drive, Thorpe Drive, Thorpe Court, Boyero Drive, Desert Cove Drive, Gem Drive, Kiva Drive, Marvel Drive, Limon Drive, Limon Court, Century Drive, Dowd Drive, Jaroso Drive, and drainage areas, Kirkwood Drive, Purcell Lane, Dove Creek Drive, Canary Drive, Gunpowder Drive, Gold Rush Drive, Musket Lane, Sioux Lane, Shallow Lake Lane, Painted Hills Lane, Wild Rose Lane, Heron Drive, Heron Place, Misty Drive, Heron Lane, Heron Court, Rouse Drive, Lily Drive, Lily Lane, Tabasco Drive, Tacony Drive, Canvas Drive, Rustic Drive, Verbena Drive, Tidy Drive, Ivory Drive, Hale Drive, Saddle Ridge Lane, Challenger Drive, Jarvis Court, Bowen Drive, Basalt Drive, Calla Rosa Drive, Calla Rosa Plaza, Lyon Drive, Cholla Court, Cashmere Drive, Loma Drive, Loma Lane, Loma Way, Cougar Drive, Pioneer Drive, Keymar Drive, Belmar Drive, Blackstone Drive, Austin Drive, Zane Gray Drive, Keymar Plaza, Buffalo Bill Lane, Bear Gulch Lane, Bat Masterson Drive, Laramie Avenue, and Cloudburst Lane.

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