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Metro discusses splash park relocation, concerts

Concerts at Civic Center Park?

Stage lighting?

A PA system?

Officials with the Pueblo West Metropolitan District clarified Sept. 10 that Civic Center Park initially was intended as a community park and discussion for live concerts is something that needs to happen “down the road.”

For now, a home for the new splash park and skateboard park takes priority, along with additional costs that may occur if the plans change and the new additions are moved.

The Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors requested that the location change for the splash park closer toward the library.

Pueblo West Parks and Recreation Director Carol Cosby said moving the splash park closer to the library has raised some concern, including increased costs.

According to Brian Smith, a consultant on the Civic Center Park project, moving the location will increase the electrical costs as per the design power coming out of the restroom and over a short distance to the pump and controls.

It also will increase the sanitary sewer costs because of the possibility of re-digging what already is installed on the northeast side of the restroom, he wrote in a note to the board.

“Being dislocated from the restroom children will have to walk across a gravel trail barefoot to access the facilities and on return will add sediment from their feet into the system,” Smith wrote.

Other costs include water supply because of an extension to the location, buried sprinkler lines in the location also will have to be removed and realigned, and the gravel trail also will have to be relocated, converting to a concrete trail from a gravel trail.

The splash park and skateboard park are recent additions approved by the board last spring.

It is expected to be added further down the line in phases three or four, and within budgetary needs.

The cost to add a splash park and skateboard park could be around $489,000, but Pueblo West Metropolitan District officials cautioned board members with concerns last spring about the addition, especially with the pending 2014 convergence with revenues and expenses in the budget and potential future projects that may or may not receive grant funding.

“These things are undetermined right now, and the impact it will have on the budget,” Jack Johnston, district manager for the Pueblo West Metropolitan District, told the board last spring.

“I hesitate to recommend either of these at this time,” Johnston said.

“I’m not sure if placement at the Civic Center Park is a place for a water spray park,” he added.

But the member of the Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors differed.

“I think we need to go forward on it,” said Bill Vickers, Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors member. “We haven’t spent any money on recreation in 20 years.

“I hate to quit now.

“We’re just going to have to learn to live within our budget at some point.”

The park also has been considered a spot for musicians.

Board member Mike French said he had been approached by several musicians who were looking for a place to perform but other district officials said discussion hasn’t gone beyond a community park.

“If we go beyond a community park to a full-scale concert venue, there’s a lot of other factors involved, and the Pueblo West Metro District doesn’t want to be promoters of concerts,” Johnson said last Tuesday.

Cosby agreed.

“There is no stage lighting,” Cosby said. “We looked at this park as more of community park. We didn’t want concerts like at Red Rocks. We put in additional picnic tables, shelter and if there is a band, people can sit on the grass like you would at a community park.”

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