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Metro discusses roundabout design

The images Pueblo West Public Works Director Dan Centa presented illustrated a lustrous garden with a stone wall, trees enshrouded inside and the logo of the desert prairie peeking out in the center.

Another image showed a similar circle with trees enshrouded but a grassy opening along the side with the same logo in the center.

“Instead of a logo, don’t you think there should be a bull’s eye?” quipped Mike French, a board member with the Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors.

Centa presented two landscaping options for a newly proposed roundabout at the Purcell and Platteville boulevards intersection, seeking input from the Metro District on their illustration of choices between the rock wall or the grassy opening.

“’B,’” Bill Vickers, member of the Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors, said, “’B’ makes it look like a ramp, doesn’t it? Sort of a launching platform....”

County commissioners in June approved a contract with HDR Inc., to begin designing.

Construction could start later this year.

The roundabout idea originated from safety concerns.

Since 2010, there have been 21 accidents at that intersection, including two fatalities, and ongoing traffic missions, such as speed traps and saturation patrols, according to the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office.

The county obtained $400,000 in federal hazardous elimination safety funds for the project.

Greg Severance, the county’s grant writer who deals with traffic construction projects, said the roundabout shouldn’t exceed the grant, which required a 10 percent match of local funding.

Drivers will have to adapt to the new intersection, but a roundabout “will prevent someone from blowing through an intersection,” Severance said.

As far as the landscape architectural aspect of the roundabout, Centa said he just needed ideas about which one the Metro District preferred.

“It’s a physical obstruction that let’s people know it’s there, especially at night,” Centa said.

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