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Unbeatable cross country

The Pueblo West High School varsity cross country team has had a season to remember.

The varsity boys’ team has bounced back and forth between first and second in 4A.

The varsity girls’ team has also had a year of building a strong partnership and bond with one another which has led them to the top of the boards in the South-Central League.

Head coach Matt Sherman is proud of what his team has accomplished this year and he is equally as anxious to see what they can accomplish before the season is over.

“We started out the year strong, on both the boys and the girl’s side of things, and it has only been getting better,” Sherman said.

“I am very excited, as the rest of the team is, to see what the rest of the season has in store for each and every one of us.”

The boy’s team has been bouncing back from first to second in the 4A rankings with other teams such as Coronado, who is back in the number one spot at this time.

But if Coach Sherman and his team have any say in that, Coronado better not get too comfortable in first.

“The boy’s goal is to win state, which is definitely in reach.

The state meet is at the end of October, so we have about another month left to run our best and give it our best shot.

Seven boys usually run on the varsity team and we have about five runners that are ranked in the top 30 in the state,” said Sherman.

“Each boy is running their best and their times are only getting better the more races they run.”

And the girl’s team is not about to let the boy’s run away with all the glory.

While they started off the season a little slower then the guys, the girls have ran themselves to the top of the South-Central League.

“The girls are having a pretty good season, as well,” he said.

“They are probably the best team in our league and they still stand a good chance at qualifying for the state meet in October.

“I am very happy with how far they have come this year and they have been improving every meet. That is what we are looking for at this point, improving themselves as runners and their times, and they have been consistently doing that.”

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