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Austism center now has sturdy storage

The Soaring Eagles Center for Autism has a sturdy place to store outdoor toys and other items, thanks to the generous donation of a Pueblo West businessman.

Sean Wagers, of Sean’s Sheds in Pueblo West, just donated an eight-by-eight-foot shed to the SECA.

Wagers builds and sells sheds, but also likes to make donations to his community when possible, and he said Soaring Eagles was a perfect fit.

“Judy (Leonard, board member) had stopped by and talked to me awhile back and it sounded like a good idea,” Wagers said.

“I like to support my community. And I also have a friend whose child has autism, so I wanted to help.”

Karen Colvin, Director of Soaring Eagles Center for Autism, said she was thrilled to have a generous donation to the Center.

“We had a shed before, and it actually blew away!” she said.

Colvin noted that the austism’s location on Palmer Lake often gets windy, and said that previously some of the toys from the outdoor area sometimes “ended up all over the prairie” when it got windy.

The shed will allow for storage of the toys during the off-season, as well as any other items that might need a covered home.

Wagers thanked Classic Auto/Classic Towing for helping him deliver sheds whenever he needs, including the delivery to Soaring Eagles.

Sean’s Sheds started about three years ago, though Wagers has been in Pueblo West for about 15 years.

Colvin started Soaring Eagles Center for Autism in 2001.

The nonprofit organization is dedicated to helping children and families affected by the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

It serves children and adults throughout Colorado.

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