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Letter: What is the question?

There seems to be some confusion over the issues involving the Pueblo West golf course, Desert Hawk Golf Course.

I’ve followed the discussions via the letters and articles and there are some people who think that the underlying issue or question is, “To keep the golf course or not to keep it? That is the question.”

The question is simple: is it fair that the golf course has not paid its water bills for many years, continuing to increase its debt; and the local government, rather than addressing the debt, has continued to lower the course’s water rates rather than turning off the water?

While at the same time, common ordinary citizens who miss a monthly payment are sent urgent notices notifying them of impending and imminent shut-off, even when their bill is less than $50? (And their water rates have continually increased, rather than decreased.)

Regardless of whether the golf course is a value to the community (and I personally believe that it is), the underlying issue must be addressed: “Should the golf course pay its water bills just like every other Pueblo West resident, or should it not pay its water bills? That is the question.”

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