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Purcell work continues

The bright orange cones along Purcell Boulevard heading south might be causing some distress and will continue for the upcoming months.

For those who travel Purcell Boulevard south of U.S. Highway 50, expect some major traffic changes and detours on your morning and evening commute.

Officials on the project say southbound traffic from U.S. Highway 50 will have the option to proceed south on Purcell or use the detour on Tiffany Drive for west bound Spaulding Avenue and west-side business access.

Two-way traffic will be maintained on the east-side of Purcell between Kimble Avenue and Hahns Peak Avenue, officials said.

Two-way traffic also will be maintained and business access will remain open, officials said.

The $2 million project is being done using part of the $15 million in 1041 permit funds from Colorado Springs Utilities and the construction of its Southern Delivery System through Pueblo West.

“This is the first project that would be accomplished using monies paid to the county by Colorado Springs Utilities’ 1041 permit conditions,” said Alf Randall, Pueblo County’s interim public works director.

The reconstruction was scheduled to take five months. It includes widening shoulders for bicycle lanes, adding a sidewalk on the west side of the road and raising the median.

“Similar to the McCulloch (Boulevard) construction, we are going to do everything in our power to keep reasonable access open to all businesses,” Randall said.

Part of the reconstruction is repairing and improving the roadways, raising the medium, improving signage turn lanes and adding a four-foot-wide dedicated bicycle lane that will be striped out, Randall said.

Look out for reduced speed signs and temporary traffic control devices through the construction zone.

Don’t speed.

The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office will be on the lookout and onside issuing tickets to anyone not abiding by the traffic control.

And fines are double in construction zones.

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