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Photo workshop

Learn some new tips, tricks and ideas for taking fabulous photos at the Pueblo West Library workshop “From Snapshot to Photograph: Making Pictures Interesting.”

The workshop will be on Saturday at 11 a.m.

Participants will take part in a guided discussion about various aspects of photography, such as composition, light direction and quality with the help of instructor Gerald Burgess.

Burgess is a retired college professor who got his start at Syracuse University in 1971 as part of a U.S. Navy photojournalist training. Through the years he’s taught in several locations and showed his photographs in many shows.

“There are a series of rules, of sorts, for composition. Guidelines,” Burgess said. “I try to emphasize to people to get the picture you saw in your mind’s eye. A lot of times we just put the camera up and make an exposure and don’t even think about it.”

Burgess said he will talk with class participants about various photographic techniques like cropping, center of interest and camera positioning.

“I did a picture near Westcliffe once and I noticed after I took the wide angle view a stand of trees that made a nice little composition all by themselves, so I repositioned and used the longer lens and took a second picture that turned out pretty nice,” Burgess said. “It’s that kind of thinking.”

Also during the library session, Burgess will show a series of photos that

need something or are unique in some way so that participants can help determine the specific items.

The class is free and open to anyone interested. Sign up before the class so library staff will know how many participants to expect by calling 562-5664 or signing up in person at the library.

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