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SDS water project breaks ground

The Southern Delivery System kicked off construction of the Juniper water pump station at Lake Pueblo State Park and the last remaining segment of pipe to be installed in Pueblo County at a “brick laying” ceremony today.

Areas businesses that have performed work or provided materials to build the SDS components in Pueblo County were thanked for their contribution to the project.

The event highlighted Pueblo County business leaders who have been hired to work on SDS construction.

“SDS has been a welcome boost to the local economy during unstable times for the construction industry,” said John Bowen, president of ASI Constructors, Inc., the Pueblo West-based firm that constructed the SDS connection to Pueblo Dam.

The three raw-water pump stations needed to transport water through SDS are some of the largest components of the project and will continue to provide economic opportunities for local businesses.

Construction of the three pump stations will cost $76.5 million with about one-third of that benefitting Colorado companies.

The brick laying ceremony at the event led by Colorado Springs Utilities CEO Jerry Forte symbolized the hard work and dedication it has taken to move the project forward.

SDS is one of the largest water projects to be built in Colorado in decades.

“We are building this project worker by worker, business by business, partner by partner, and brick by brick to build something that serves generations to come,” said Forte.

Summit Brick Company, a Pueblo County-based company, is supplying the 50,000 bricks it will take to build the facade of Juniper Pump Station at Lake Pueblo State Park.

ARCHER WESTERN CONSTRUCTION, LLC, the prime contractor for the three pump stations, is partnering with local subcontractors and individuals to build the facilities.

Labor needs include carpenters, pipe fitters, plumbers, equipment operators, concrete work, general laborers, electricians, and those skilled in other services.

The SDS pump stations will move water 1,500 feet in elevation from Pueblo Dam to the new water treatment plant under construction in El Paso County.

AT FULL CAPACITY, SDS will be able to transport up to 96 million gallons of water per day (MGD) – 18 MGD to Pueblo West and the remaining 78 MGD to the El Paso County partner communities of Colorado Springs, Security and Fountain.

The largest pump motors will be 2,750 horsepower — equivalent to the amount of power for approximately four Formula 1 racecars.

Garney Construction is installing a 0.3-mile, 90-inch-diameter pipeline that will link Pueblo Dam to the Pueblo West Metropolitan District and other project partners.

After Colorado Springs, Pueblo West is the second leading beneficiary of the SDS project.

Major SDS construction work commenced in Pueblo County in 2011 with the start of the new connection to Pueblo Dam.

SINCE THEN, 18 miles of pipe have been installed in the Pueblo County and a total of 42 total miles installed project-wide.

Recently, the SDS pipeline construction project through Pueblo West was recognized by Engineering News Record as the Best Water Project in 2013 for the mountain states region.

SDS is a regional project that will deliver water to the southern Colorado communities of Colorado Springs, Pueblo West, Fountain and Security.

Construction of the nearly $1 billion project is resulting in significant benefits to the local economy.

To date, more than 300 companies and organizations in Colorado have helped plan and construct SDS, including 100 in Pueblo County.

Of the more than $362 million spent to plan and build SDS, more than $289 million has gone to Colorado companies.

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