The Pueblo West View


This past week, the Streets & Roads Department worked on the following projects:

• Crews continued repair of gravel roads removing washboards, potholes and other irregularities on Calle Del Ciervo Drive, Realto Drive, El Toro Drive, Flamenco Drive, Palomino Way, Capistrano Lane, Calle Arroyita Drive, Questa Drive, Tejon Avenue, Heron Drive, Silverado Drive, and Gem Drive. Motorists should exercise extreme caution when driving in the area of a grading operation. Be patient, stay behind the grader and do not cross over the dirt windrow that may be present. The grader operator will move out of the way when it is safe to do so.

• Crews mowed in the area of S Purcell Blvd from Hahns Peak Avenue to Liberty Point, drainage ditches behind McCulloch Blvd and Lone Cowboy Drive, Linden Avenue from S Purcell Blvd to Greenway Drive, easement north of Linden Avenue, Rolling Hills Drive, Lynx Drive, May Valley Drive, Briarcliff Drive, Greenbriar Drive, Saddle wood Drive, Skyline Drive, Mountainside Drive, Deejay Court, Glenbrook Drive, Cellini Drive, Hook Drive, Pin High Drive, Greenway Drive, Shale Drive, Lion Drive, Sunnyslope Drive, Blue Hills Drive, Dante Drive, Woodleaf Drive, Saunders Drive, Parkrose Drive, Vona Drive, Montclair Drive, Coral Drive, Elgin Drive, Kyle Drive, Elbo Drive, Greenway Drive, Palomar Drive, Knox Drive, Concho Drive, Marble Drive, Acorn Drive, Laurue Drive, Paige Drive, Mallon Drive, Briscoe Drive, Grouse Drive, Birchwood Drive, Citadel Circle, Hideaway Lane, Beardsley Plaza, Ashford Drive, Meriwether Drive, Archdale Drive, Saxony Way, Saxony Drive, and E Spaulding Avenue.

• Sweeping operations on N Purcell Blvd from Industrial Blvd to Hwy 25, Industrial Blvd from Aspen Ski Way to Blythe Drive, Oak Creek Drive from Palmer Lake Drive to Ohio Drive, N McCulloch Blvd from Industrial Blvd to Platteville Blvd, intersections of N Purcell Blvd at Ivanhoe Drive, Ranch Drive, Sapinero Drive, Sequoya Drive, Desert Cove Drive, Platteville Blvd, Jaroso Drive, Farley Drive, Hwy 25, Buckboard Drive, Challenger Drive, Canary Drive, Dove Creek Drive, Purcell Lane, Kirkwood Drive, Longsdale Drive, Gold Drive, Snyder Drive, Hayden Drive, Paseo Dorado Drive, and Benito Drive, Industrial Blvd at Research Drive, Fabrication Drive, Precision Drive, Magneto Drive, Dynamics Drive, Silicon Drive, Laser Drive, Mission Drive, N Purcell Blvd, and Blythe Drive, Palmer Lake Drive at Oak Creek Drive N McCulloch Blvd at Idledale Drive, Engle Drive, Gold Drive, Platteville Blvd, Matt Drive, Caldwell Drive, and Earl Drive, Spaulding Avenue at Cresent Drive, Croyden Drive, Dacona Drive, Abarr Drive, Stardust Drive, Shooting Star Drive, Bayfield Avenue, Empress Drive, Dunlap Drive, and Masters Drive, Hahns Peak Avenue at Falcon Drive, Karval Drive, Hahns Peak Court, Gilia Drive, Bayfield Avenue, Alaric Drive, Hahns Peak Plaza, Latimer Drive, Wiggins Drive, and Angus Drive.

• Crews worked on prepping Hemlock Drive for asphalting.

• Crews patched potholes in areas throughout the district.

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