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Rotary Club introduces Ice Melt Project Saturday

Scientifically calculating a guess when ice melts could bring in some money for a few Pueblo West residents.

But the bulk of the funds for the guess will go directly to new additions to the Civic Center Park, specifically for a new disc golf course for everyone at the park.

But calculating a guess on when the ice melts?

This is how it works.

The Pueblo West Rotary Club is starting its launch of a new fundraiser sparked by club member Rick Clark, who was looking for ways to bring communities together.

He said he was looking at what other Rotary Clubs around the state were handling some of their events, and the ice melt project in Evergreen sparked an interest that he said he could bring to Cattail Crossings.

The club gets a time capsule with three watches buried inside and drops it in Cattail Crossing’s pond.

“The watches will be set with the exact time and date we launch,” Clark said,” And then we wait for the sink date when it submerges into the lake, sometime in mid-January to mid-February.”

When the device is the water, the watches will stop at various times.

The participant with the closest guess to when the watches stop wins. But they must wait until the device is pulled out of the water to get the official time.

Clark said he saw this event in Evergreen and thought it was an opportunity to help build a disc golf course at Civic Center Park.

The official launch of the barrel on the surface is at noon Saturday at Cattails Pond off McCulloch Boulevard next to Desert Hawk Golf Course.

Participants can buy a book of tickets for $10, allowing them seven times to pick a time when the watches will stop in the ice melting waters.

Prices vary from first to third place — in cash.

All the proceeds from the event will benefit the installation and construction of a new disc golf course next spring.

“It’s really a caveat for the community with overwhelming support that requires little man power up front with a huge return,” Clark said.

For more information, contact Clark at 240-9928.

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