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Letter: Where’s the respect?

One recent sunny day I was standing in the Walmart parking lot with a “Support Senator Angela Giron” sign.

A man who had been socializing at the recall petition stand drove his vehicle to a spot near me, spoke a string of nasty words in reference to the Senator’s female nature, and sped away.

Later in the day, another man, one who had been staffing the recall petition stand, repeatedly directed toward me an unflattering verbal image of an elderly woman while I stood silently with my sign.

Colorado Senate District 3 citizens, do you want to support a recall movement that exhibits such behavior?

While the recall effort presents gun rights as its concern, it has a strong underlying current of sexism if not racism directed toward a Hispanic woman in a position of public leadership.

Regardless of how you feel about the gun-related legislation that was approved by the House and Senate and signed by the Governor, do you want to support a local group that exhibits such disrespectful if not assaultive human-relational values?

For the good of the community and common decency, I hope not.

I support women of all ethnic and racial groups in leadership positions and encourage you Senate District 3 citizens to do the same by supporting Senator Angela Giron, our State Senator now and in the up coming year.

May you be bold and courageous in constructive actions supporting positive, life enhancing people such as Senator Angela Giron.

Rev. Steve Parke

Pueblo West

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