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Letter: Spending money wisely, Metro

The letter to the editor published in the June 20, Pueblo West View conveyed, to me at least, that the water Pueblo West Enterprise should not “line up” borrow $6-plus millions from a fund set up by the State of Colorado to aid municipal water systems (“Penny wise, pound foolish,” The Pueblo West View, June 20, 2013).

As I recall, this idea “to line up” was part of a presentation to the Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors by the Pueblo West Director of Utilities.

The early part of the presentation was a table of anticipated construction projects for the next six-plus years.

The table showed anticipated shortfalls in revenues which would erode the reserve funds to around two millions.

At that time, the alternative of applying for a loan was suggested.

As I recall, the board, decided to go forward with the application for the loan with the understanding that Pueblo West would not have to borrow the money even though the loan was approved.

The board also verified that the loan, if used, could later be paid back early without any penalty.

The other thought conveyed to me in the June 20 letter to the editor was: Past history has illustrated that if we the taxpayers (water rate payers) give the Pueblo West Metropolitan District available funds, they will spend it.

When we elected the current board we gave them the checkbook.

Let’s hope they remember the recall election, which some of us feel was a result of the excessive costs resulting from No. 3 fire station.

In addition to the current construction projects under contract, Civic Center Park and the west 24-inch water line, we have the ongoing Southern Delivery System “black hole of ever increasing costs” and the Wild Horse pipeline.

Let’s hope the Metro board commits our future spending wisely.

Joe Mahaney

Pueblo West

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