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Letter: A permanent solution?

I was disappointed to read the article by Nick Bonham concerning the proposed Highway 50 improvement from Baltimore Avenue to McCulloch Boulevard as a means to relieve congestion and reduce accidents associated with traffic commuting to/from Pueblo West (“Congested artery clusters traffic flow,” The Pueblo West View, June 27, 2013).

That stretch of road being ranked 15th in gridlock is no surprise.

The surprise was the absence of any mention of the past proposal of a new corridor from Joe Martinez Boulevard to Pueblo Boulevard.

“Improving” that stretch of Highway 50 will only be a band-aid on the larger problem of the lack of an alternate point in and out of Pueblo West. Providing an alternative will greatly reduce the current congestion and is the smart choice to improve traffic flow between Pueblo and Pueblo West. And if the “improvement” were to actually ever happen, imagine the worsening of congestion during the construction phase.

Creating a new corridor would have zero impact on existing traffic flow.

Maybe our influential elected officials need to make a better effort on promoting the new corridor as the preferred long-term solution to our current traffic problem.

Why waste taxpayer money on a band-aid when Pueblo West really needs a permanent solution?

Gerald Gallagher

Pueblo West

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