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Letter: Which respect?

I read your letter to the editor last Thursday with disbelief (“Where’s the respect?” The Pueblo West View, June 20, 2013).

That’s a really broad brush you are using to paint a picture of the Recall Giron Movement.

You mention two people that admittedly were out of bounds, and yet you carry on as if all of us that support her recall are exactly the same!

Come on!

Do you really mean that?

While the petition necessarily refers to one issue, the gun control bill, there are more reasons to want Sen. Giron to be recalled.

She has been involved in changing the voting process in ways that give the Democrat party distinct advantages and make corruption more likely, she has also been in the process that will raise power costs for the rural electrification customers.

These are just three examples of the possible harm Sen. Giron may do if left to her “Progressive Party” agenda ( Excuse the dirty words).

I imagine you were equally outraged when members of the Democrat party said hurtful lies and racial slurs at women who happen to be Conservative. I can’t recall the name of the black woman that gave an excellent address at the Republican convention, but the name one of her race gave her was, “house n_____!”

Terrible lies were hurled at Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann.

How about those?

Surely the letter writer would feel outrage at those incidents.

Surely he would not support a party that does that sort of thing, or a party that supports the butchering of unborn children or letting the ones that survive the abortion process die, or even kill them?

Is it alright if I paint a picture of that party with the same broad brush?

Would it be hypocrisy if I cannot?

Bud Butler

Pueblo West

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