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Letter: Bike trail repairs?

I was an avid bike rider, about 90 miles a week, in Southern California before moving to Pueblo West last October.

I am trying to get back into bike riding for my health but the bike trails around Pueblo West are pretty rough to put it mildly.

I rode from Carrizo Springs Avenue to Nichols Road then into the Lake Pueblo Park and found a trail that had a permanent sign “Caution Trail Damage,” this sign is at every entrance to this trail.

This trail should be renamed “Railroad Track Trail” because of the fact it has four-inch cracks every 30 feet without exception rattling and jolting the bike and the body.

Unable to stay very long on the trail I decided to ride on the road instead but then one has to watch out for traffic.

I am down to less than 30 miles a week now.

I would love to ride the entire trail if I could.

I guess my comment is: Are the bike trails ever going to be repaired? I know budgets are tight but if the trails got repaired there would be no bike riders on the roads making it much safer for bikers and motorists.

Mike Kovacsik, Pueblo West

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