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Letter: Supporting the ‘old dog’

I choose to defend the “old dog” (“Not all residents are ignorant,” The Pueblo West View, July 11, 2013).

Yes, Bill Clemens is old, four score and more.

No, I don’t always agree with his constant letters reminding us of the financial problems of the golf course; but the fact remains it is a Black Hole of increasing money drain.

The comparison to an old dog laying on the porch generates a different perspective for me.

The old dog has served as an elected metro board member.

And like the old dog on the porch that tries to point out the folly of running with the young dogs, he sees the wisdom in considering the chase.

Even as a kid, I wondered what a dog would do if it caught a car.

Old timers would find entertainment in tying a cloth bag to the wheel of a car then drive past a “chasing dog.”

The driver would slow down so the dog could catch the sack which would flip the dog several times before the dog was able to let go.

Like the old dog on the porch, Bill Clemens attends most metro board meetings and does remind the board that they are answerable to the taxpayers.

Thanks to you, Bill, the silent majority, is represented.

There is always 20 or more seats at each board meeting and every attendee is invited to sign up and speak his or her piece.

We are a community of diverse opinions.

I, for one, would like to hear more of those opinions at the board meetings.

Joe Mahaney, Pueblo West

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