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Letter: Be accurately informed

In discussions around town with some who support the recall effort, I am told something to the effect that “They are taking our guns away from us.”

Yet literally speaking, nothing has been added to our law that confiscates people’s guns.

To confirm this, read at least a summary of Colorado’s 2013 gun related legislation.

With internet access you can read a summary at home or the library.

Search the internet for “Summary of Colorado’s New Gun Control Laws, the OLR Research Report.”

It is written by Michael Csere as a report from the Office of Legislative Research.

While this is not the only summary available or a definitive legal brief, here you will find a good summary with internet links to the Colorado bills themselves.

I find the new laws reasonable.

For instance the law requiring a background check for private gun transfers includes nine, yes, nine categories of exemptions.

One exemption, the one for immediate family members, is written very broadly because of an amendment offered by Senator Angela Giron after she listened to her District 3, Pueblo area constituents.

Please read the results of her work, an effort deserving of our support.

But most importantly, read the bills and come to your own conclusion regarding the content of the bills.

Let us not be led astray by misinformation regarding Colorado’s recent gun legislation.

Steve Parke

Pueblo West

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