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Letter: Thank you for snake rescue

I have lived in Pueblo West for 10 years.

I know we have snakes here but I am deathly afraid of them.

Luckily for me, when we have had a snake issue at our house, my husband has always been here to take care of the problem — until today.

I got into my truck in the garage and — lo and behold — there was part of what I thought was a snake between the rocks and metal on the garage floor.

I went to get my neighbor and she and her son came over to look and see if we could tell what kind (like I really cared, I was petrified ).

She suggested I call the Pueblo West Fire Department and two of the nicest, most polite young men came to my aide.

They found the critter, removed him from the metal, and then I felt rather like an idiot because it was a baby bull snake (me thinking it was a rattler), and I couldn’t apologize enough for what I thought was wasting their time, but they assured me numerous times that it wasn’t a problem.

They then told me that it is against the law to kill bull snakes ( I read that somewhere, and my husband would never kill a bullsnake, but a rattler, well, that’s another story).

So from all of this, I just wanted to thank those two young men for catching, releasing on another acre and coming to my aid, I will be eternally grateful.

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