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Letter: People, wise up

This country needs a leader.

To put it in terms Puebloans can understand, “Obama only has a hat, no cattle.”

He has dreams, sure, but he has no idea of how to bring them to fruition.

He goes on and on about how we need to build the economy, make more jobs, become more dependent on renewable resources, get rid of pollution, etc.

These are good goals, sure, but it takes a lot of money to do these things, and they can’t be done overnight.

The government earns no income, creates no wealth; everyone who works for the government is an expense.

And, if you have been paying attention, every policy that is announced has the deadly outcome of discouraging job creation.

Employers are looking for ways to cut employees and the hours the remaining employees work, to avoid having to provide health care and other benefits.

Government’s main income is taxes, and people who don’t work can’t pay taxes.

Likewise, if people don’t have discretionary income, they don’t buy products and with no income businesses can’t pay taxes or build their business.

Sure with unemployment checks and welfare, the recipients can survive, but where does that money come from?

Are you getting the idea yet?

As long as unemployment pay lasts, people can reject doing jobs they don’t like and we can hire immigrant labor that is happy to have jobs, generally they work hard and for less wages than people of this country.

Two effects: wages get lower, and some of the money goes out of the country to their homes.

The druggies are draining more than enough money out of this country!


It’s true.

People, wise up!

Stop voting for these policies that are a cancer that is killing its host!

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