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Letter: From fat into the fire

Having been one of those people that signed the recall petition for Angela Giron, I felt compelled to do so at the time, probably because it was felt at the time that, “No one is gonna mess with my gun ownership rights,” so we will show her.">Plain"> far as I am concerned now, that kind of backfired into our faces, when what we get out of it is George Rivera wanting to run for her position as a replacement. He is a far cry from what I envisioned as being her replacement at the time I signed the petition for the recall, and now I feel as though I may have jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

The last individual I would prefer as a replacement for Angela would be George Rivera, I am sure that there must be a better qualified Republican replacement.

Knowing him and working around him for more than 25 years, and knowing what he is like, sure doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling of having him as my State Senator.

I love the fact that he is running on the Common Sense Platform ... wonder where he found it, because he sure had never shown it to me or many others that I know of that worked around him for many years.

Has he suddenly become the brilliant politician that we need to replace Angela Giron, if he thinks he has, I would think he is terribly self centered or suffering from delusions of grandeur, thinking that he is even capable of holding public office.

Granted, maybe Angela needs an awakening concerning the bills that she, and others, had signed into law which some think curtail their constitutional rights to gun ownership, with the limitations that they represent, but I can live with that, as I’m sure most of us can.

But to have a replacement in the form of George Rivera would be an even bigger, and more rude awakening, and I would much rather keep what we have in place.

There is always future elections to come where a replacement can be made for Angela Giron, so we need to really think about our options here, and I choose to keep Angela, and keep George Rivera out of public office, which would be an even bigger mistake.

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