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Letter: Vote ‘yes’ on recall

I wish to address in opposition the letter Aug. 15 (“Background checks protection”, The Pueblo West View, Aug. 15, 2013).

This is a reality call to that writer.

He assumes that private persons selling a firearm to another private person would go to a sporting goods that sell firearms and request a background check to finalize the firearm transfer.

Fact is very few people including myself would comply.

It is unconstitutional.

Thirty round AR-15 magazines cannot be sold in Colorado.

Who is to stop anyone to buy it in another state or have a friend purchase item in another state and sent it to that person?

Who is to control a person also transferring a 30-round magazine to another person in Colorado?

These two Senators receiving their marching orders and funds from New York Mayor Bloomberg and the George Soros organization.

It is all liberal progressive feel good legislation that will not to any good but hurt law-abiding gun owners.

They went against the people who voted them in and now they will get what they deserve.

Vote ‘Yes’ on recall ballot to recall Angela Giron and her ilk.

Steve Levine, Pueblo West

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