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Letter: Abandonment

The recall of Senator Angela Giron was not only the evil work of the Republican Tea Party, but also the abandonment of Giron by the elite Democrat aristocracy in Pueblo County. 

It was not just about Second Amendment issues.  

There were grumblings, by the elite Democats, of her bills on in-state college tuition for aliens and her support for immigration reform and other minority issues. 

Never mind all the other good things she nurtured.

In addition, it did not start with the recall. 

Since “Queen Buffy” left the state house, she has been on a mission to ease Hispanics out of political office, and proliferate with her puppets.  County Commissioner John Cordova, an excellent commissioner, “was eased out” in a primary to accommodate the “Queen.” 

The Tea Party smelled blood and struck with a recall, and the elite Democats left Giron hanging, swinging in the wind.

The Republican Tea Party and the elite Democrat aristocracy need to be taught a lesson. 

For the Tea-pubs, an immediate recall of George Rivera and Clarice Navarro-Ratzlaff is in order. 

For the elite Democrat aristocracy, in the next general election, Hispanic voters should only vote on referendum issues that effect them, and leave blank Democrat (and Republican) candidates for office. 

Only then will the impact of the Hispanic vote be appreciated.

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