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Letter: Keep those letters coming

After all the letters from Bill Clemens, have you ever wondered why Pueblo County or our own Pueblo West Metropolitan District board of directors never rebuttal Clemen’s facts or information?

Well, it’s because his facts and information are the truth and can’t be rebutted.

Facts don’t lie.

Desert Hawk Golf Course is owned by the county and years ago at a Pueblo West board meeting an auditor going over our books reported to the public and board that we should withdraw from the Intergovernmental Agreement because it was an elephant on our back that would never break even.

Our name is not on the title and despite all the propaganda that Desert Hawk management is conserving water, costs, etc., have they ever supplied facts or figures proving such claims.


Do people living on the golf course borders pay more taxes?


The mill levy rate is the same; however, they may have initially paid a little more, or even less, for the property due to it’s location but the mill levy rate is the same.

Desert Hawk Golf Course is an outdated, expensive luxury for a minority of people.

If not, then lets include on the next ballot how many people would like to continue paying for a golf course that we don’t have tittle to and as it stands never will.

I challenge the board to include that on the next ballot.

The results of such a vote could put to rest mor than a decade of propaganda, rumors, and just plain nonsense.

Our water rates have yearly increased; however, last year Desert Hawk Rate went down.

How could and why did that happen?

Politics maybe.

Our board recommends that we voluntarily restrict our water usage yet do you hear in facts or figures Desert Hawk cutting back it’s water usage or times of usage.

Until I hear of Desert Hawk cutting back on water in sound figures of gallons I refuse to restrict my never-ending raising cost of water usage. Plus I’ll use it when I want just like Desert Hawk.

Last but not least, I’m not going to vote for a raise in sales tax until the Pueblo West metro district board starts to exercise some discretion in spending — like stop spending $350 each on remote starters for their vehicles.

Yes, that’s what I said — remote starters.

Keep those letters coming Bill.

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