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Letter: Facilities enhance towns

I am so tired of reading letters to the editor about the costs of Desert Hawk Golf Course to the citizens of Pueblo West.

A recent letter said, “Desert Hawk Golf Course is an outdated expensive luxury for a minority of people.” (“Keep those letters coming,” The Pueblo West View, Sept. 26, 2013).


I personally do not use the parks and recreation facilities in Pueblo West, but I still pay taxes for others to use them.

I don’t attend nor do I have family who attends any public school in Pueblo West, yet I pay taxes and help support programs for others to attend them.

I don’t use the public library, yet I still pay taxes for it and its expansion.

I have never had a fire, but I pay to support the fire department.

I could go on and on, but my point is that facilities, including Desert Hawk Golf Course, enhance the quality of life in Pueblo West whether Bill Clements, Bob Hyatt or I use them.

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