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Letter: Tired of Desert Hawk dilemma

I also am tired of reading letters to the editor about the costs of Desert Hawk Golf Course to the citizens of Pueblo West.

It is way past time for the Pueblo West Metropolitan District Board of Directors to “come clean” and inform the public about their intentions and plans, if any, to rectify the financial burden that the Desert Hawk Golf Course has on the citizens and taxpayers of Pueblo West.

Precious taxpayer money that has and is being used to subsidize the golf course would go a long way in making much needed repairs to the roadways and streets of Pueblo West.

If the information that I have read is accurate, Pueblo West is paying off the bonds that were used to purchase the golf course from the prior private owners, but when all bonds and indebtedness has been paid, the title to the golf course will remain in the name of the County of Pueblo.

The intergovernmental agreement that has encumbered all of the citizens and taxpayers of Pueblo West needs to be publicly reviewed and amended to insure that the “contract” is in the best interests of Pueblo West.

Until such time as the Metro Board can demonstrate that the existing Desert Hawk Golf Course Intergovernmental Agreement is in the best interest of the citizens and taxpayers of Pueblo West, it is doubtful that any kind of a tax increase will be approved by the voters.

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