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Letter: What will it take?

The Desert Hawk Golf Course is an item of concern to the citizens of Pueblo West.

Do we continue to throw good money after bad when there are so many other needs in the District?

Ms. Dutton’s letter posted in the Pueblo West View is fine when she states she supports entities such as parks and recreation, the fire department and the schools (“Facilities enhance towns,” The Pueblo West View, Oct. 3, 2013).

To compare emergency services and education with a golf course is ludicrous, these entities are a benefit to the entire community, not a select few.

Golf courses are losing money; a point in fact is the Gleneagle Golf Course in Colorado Springs, which is closing due to the rising cost of operation and the loss of revenue.

If a Colorado Springs golf course is losing money with a population one hundred times greater than Pueblo West, how can the District Board expect Desert Hawk to be successful?

It is time for the residents of Pueblo West to state their concerns.

The Metro Board needs to put the issue on the ballot and/or withdraw from the IGA with the County.

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