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Letter: ‘No’ on Amendment 66

It’s time for the people of Colorado to arise and do the right thing.

We do not need Amendment 66, funding for public schools.

At the present time there is one teacher/administrator for every two students.

Having talked with some of the teachers it is admitted when it comes time for the school budget to be figured they are told to spend any remaining money in the budget replacing equipment that isn’t worn out so they can go to the people and ask for more money.

It’s wasteful and the people cannot afford to pay higher taxes where most people are only working part time.

The people are being asked to vote for more money to repair computers that have been destroyed by the children themselves.

Any time equipment is destroyed by a child the parents should step up, take responsibility and pay for the damages. Administrators and teachers need to take responsibility for the discipline and teaching in school.

There are more people on government welfare now then at any time in history.

For anyone to ask for more money now just shows the greed of a few people in a few groups.

The youth of today can’t even count back change at a cash register. They don’t know what “cursive” writing is. They are told they don’t need times tables. They are taught, let the computer do it!

It is nonsense that when the electricity goes off a store has to close because the youth have not been taught how to use a pencil and pad to figure.

No, Mr. Teacher and Mr. Administrator, you aren’t doing your jobs now and the more money spent now is complete waste.

Proposition AA should be a yes vote. Marijuana should be taxed at the same rate as cigarettes and the money spent on education.

This would fund education for many years to come.

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