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Letter: Just be a good neighbor, folks

As a resident of Pueblo West, I appreciate the new addition to the sports complex at Pueblo West High School.

I live close to the high school and find the new lighting system an intrusive feature to the neighborhood.

I do understand that the lighting is needed to conduct events at night, however why the need to light the unfinished tennis courts, as well?

This is really a waste of energy and taxpayer dollars.

We as residents pay that price for wasting energy.

It must be a public employer’s right to waste our tax dollars during any game activity.

It would appear that District 70 must think we as taxpayers have deep pockets and that they are entitled to waste our money.

Do they ever wonder why, when the District approach’s taxpayers for increases, why we might be suspicious of their management of our tax dollars?

As taxpayers, it would be appropriate for the District to spend the money more wisely.

As a resident, I support school activities and when the students are having fundraisers and come by door to door, I donate willingly and will continue to do so.

“You the District” also need to do your part and to be mindful of the residents of Pueblo West and be a good neighbor.

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