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Letter: Northside vs. southside

Once again, I attended the Pueblo West Metropolitan District board meeting Nov. 12 and, once again, attempted to remind them that Pueblo West has a northside as well as a southside.

It was noted that the discussions stemmed around the southside with things such as civic center, rocks and bushes, play ground, swimming pool, drinking fountain, landscaping, trail watering (only on the southside as the northside trail has weeds over a foot tall), colored concrete and community development projects.

Oh yes, and don’t forget the “successful halloween bash.”

On the southside, the trails are paved while ours are dirt.

How’d that happen? ‘

More importantly, why’d that happen?

The southside has the swimming pool, golf course, library, tennis court, paved walk around the golf course, and get this ... even the southside of Purcell has constant care that the north side does not.

Close you eyes while riding on Purcell and you will automatically know when you leave the southside to the northside. The ride becomes bumpier.

Red lights were promptly put up when someone “hollered” about a dangerous crossing.

Yet, there have been three deaths, that we know of, at Platteville and Purcell and they have refused a light saying that there is not enough traffic there.

The decision maker for that either has no knowledge of the morning and evening traffic from U.S. Highway 50 to Interstate 25, or just plain out lied.

Another statement made was that people would ignore it, anyway.

That makes no sense.

The majority of drivers are law-abiding citizens.

A county officer out there on the side for a few days and a little ticket writing would stop that, just as it does any other place.

There is talk of a “roundabout” to be placed there but we see no ground breaking going on.

People on the southside are not better drivers than the northside and many southside workers travel the north side connection daily.

Pavement is kept up on the southside but we still have lots and lots of potholes and unkept dirt roads.

Yes, I live on a dirt road and knew it was a dirt road when we moved here.

But, we have consistently asked that the washes be kept out.

Potato chips have ruffles ... roads should not.

It is high time that this district start spending money for the needs of the north side before adding more “frills” to the south side.

Bulletin: Priorities, less prejudice and more care for the taxpayers on the north side.

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