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Letter: Satisfied with ‘southwest’ side

In reference to comments to a letter to the editor (“Northside vs. southside” The Pueblo West View, Nov. 21, 2013).

First, we live in America and are all open to our opinions.

I respect yours.

I recently moved back to the great state of Colorado after 12 years of absence.

I chose the Pueblo West area because of the openness, old-fashioned dirt roads, very nice people, lack of government telling me how I want to live, among other reasons.

I told our realtor I would only buy a house on the northside and had no interest in living on the southside.

Well, I bought on the southside.

I live on a dirt road.

I have no street lights.

I don’t have a swimming pool near me, a store near me, a “paved” trail (ours is dirt), a golf course, or any of the other things you talked about.

That’s what I chose to move to.

I bought my house for these reasons.

I would suggest you drive west of West McCulluogh and see that we have the same as the north.

One exception, you have one of the biggest, newest best fire stations around.

The firefighters need to be proud of this and appreciate it.

I was a firefighter for many years.

Residents don’t know what we go through and how we need the best.

Great job on this.

In reference to the roads with waffles.

Drive down Moccasin Road and Rolling Prairre.

This washed out in the heavy rains a few months ago.

How about Moccasin Road and Pendleto?

Multiple six-inch deep potholes.

Lost a VW in one.

We do not want our roads paved.

All joking aside, I respect your opinion, as I said, but if it is that bad, I know a great realtor.

I would suggest you drive around the area of Purcell and Hahns Peak or Hahns Peak and Joe Martinez.

Their is a lot of traffic, houses so close to each other you can pass the mustard, stores galore, and did I say traffic.

On a side note , I 100 percent agree with you on the roundabout at Purcell and Platteville boulevards.

This is not Australia.

Say no to the circle and yes to the lights.

I have been very close to a major accident numerous times because of drivers trying to cross.

Let’s all work together and petition the state .

Thank you from a very satisfied new resident of the southwest side.

Ray Edwards

Pueblo West

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